Cultural & Sport Activities

Khalkhal Dasht Cultural & Sport Club started its function as the first non-governmental cultural and sport club.

According to IRNA news agency, the Head of Youth and Sports Agency on Sunday night in celebration of khalkhal football sportsmen, coaches and members of the executive board said, “by the establishment of Khalkhal Dasht Cultural & Sport club, Khalkhal Youth Football Team would start its activity under this title and support”.

Nasser Mirsalimi pointed out that Khalkhal football after having a few years of recession, it were to be upward from 87.He added that this team as the championship of the Youth football team of the province between 88 and 89 and to receive the score of Khalkhal Youth Football Team participating in the superior league competitions, and achievement championship in the past 2 years in the country’s play off in 91-90 season, has the success of Khalkhal Football Team over the past three years.

He stated,  “With the ever effort of the players, technical members staff, and financial support provided by Khalkhal Dasht International Co., and by standing the team in the realm of the cultural and sport club, Khalkhal Dasht Football Team is expected to continue its growth”.

“This year a first class team has been bought by this club and would match on the third class tournament of the country.”, said Khalkhal Dasht Sports Club  CEO following the ceremony.

He mentioned the contribution of 180 million Rials to purchase the team, and to participate in the third class Football League of the 91-90 season and said, now teenagers, youth and adults of Khalkhal are under supervision of by this club, and they would act in the name of Khalkhal Dasht Football Team.

At the end of ceremony, gift and prize were donoured to Ali Mousavi , Head Coach of Khalkhal Youth Football Team, and Hamid Shahnavazi who was introduced as the new Head Coach. The technical staff of the football team board of directors and the head of Khalkhal Youth Football Team were also awarded.