Khalkhal Dasht Int Co

Khalkhal Dasht International Company is one of the most Iranian active companies in the field of construction projects of the state founded in 1364, and directed its goal to design and implementation of national projects to further its ever development in Iran. The founders of the company who all have had many years of experience in the field of construction activities have gathered and focused their past experience and hence considerably contributed to their homeland. Now with the grace of God, this company has been one of the leading companies in the railways, freeways and highways, tunnels, bridges, certain bridges and refining sites, and gained the capacity of all its scientific and practical tasks in order to design and implement projects in EPC, C, P and etc. A collection of experienced management and staff with knowledgeable and dedicated professionals using the latest science, technology and equipment, hardware and software of the world has made the company set up to success and excellence in the field of construction activities and projects.